Monday, August 17, 2009

My Heavenly Glory

To my beloved globalites,

This virtual intersection was conceived laying in my bed one night after a retreat at the beach soaking up the sun and all it's Heavenly Glory. My name is Ashley and my superhero name is Heavenly Glory. The name comes from one of my favorite movies by an extraordinary man: Bruce Lee.

"Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory."

This idea was birthed with the purpose to remind you that the power of light is in your hands. As you battle negativity, upset, unfulfilled expectations, and many other distractions (the finger), don't ever forget that every day is a new day to live out YOUR dreams, create your own heaven.

I hope that my hand written messages (written on colorful post-it notes) that you find in the crevices of the universe encourage you to think, say, and do better and brighter every day. I have my own powerful messages that I received from friends, clipped from magazines, and even cereal boxes all over my apartment reminding me of my greatness and light. The most high sends me signs. Allow my messages to be a sign, an affirmation. You are reading them for a reason. My messages (whether they are quotes, reminders, and questions) come from the heart with the intention to make you reflect about your life and focus on things you wish to change. Then ACT on that reflection.

Please pass it on or stick it else where for someone to see. You can even keep it for yourself and stick it on your bathroom mirror but I just ask that you pay it forward.

This site is a lighthouse. Constantly shining the light to help steer you in the right direction but it's up to you to find your groove. I'm committed to posting all things positive to combat the negative forces that we deal with everyday. So come visit from time to time. I'll always have goodies for you.

Like Bruce Lee, MY dream is to be a master...a master of self but most of all, a master of giving. So I give YOU thanks for being my inspiration and for being you.

You can reach me at

Your are a gift, so give wisely.

From the <3 of Heavenly Glory


  1. I am glad I finally got to see where "Heavenly Glory" came from!

    Do it Ashley!

  2. I love the initiative Ashley. I'm yo puhsa...pushing you to your full potential. I can't wait to see more. Peace,